"We feel so fortunate to have Kasandra right here in our community. Our daughters have been extremely well taught by her for many years. They love their music and they look forward eagerly to their lessons. They practice diligently on their own initiative, without reward or punishment, and they sound great!"

"You are truly a miracle worker with children."

"I have learned from and cherished every minute of my lessons with you. You have touched my heart in many other ways than just being a fantastic and marvelous teacher. Thank you from the bottom of my soul and heart."

"Words can't say how much we appreciate the years you have spent with our boys sharing your time, knowledge and talent"

​"Thank you so much for teaching our son so well and so gently for the past years. The gift you have given our whole family is immeasurable. You will be forever in our hearts."

"I would be willing to travel quite a distance for our children to be able to receive such excellent instruction as Kasandra offers right here in our community"