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Gem Therapy

Meet Kasandra

I have studied and practiced spiritual teachings for over 40 years. This practice has awakened my intuitive abilities, which I rely on to guide my clients.


Through Vedic Astrology readings my goal is to help you understand the influence of the planets in your life. Through coaching I can guide you how to work with that knowledge and make positive changes.

My Spiritual Journey

I was engrossed in the pursuit of eastern spirituality from my early teens. At that time I studied both yoga and meditation. This lead me to live in a spiritual community at age 19, where I lived a simple life for 24 years learning yogic philosophy. I was introduced to the practice of Vedic Astrology at that time and began to study it intently. I found that my knowledge of Vedic Astrology helped me to make sense out life. It was as if my inner eye of awareness opened and I could understand the past, present, and future influences for my own life and others.


During that time I raised a family of two daughters. I also pursued a career in teaching the violin through the Suzuki method for 40 years. Though I was unaware of it at the time, the years of teaching, were preparing me as a life coach. In teaching the violin I learned to listen very acutely to my students, and to help them patiently to reach their musical goals. Playing music also opened my heart chakra and refined my sensitivity. These are the skills I bring to life and spiritual coaching to help my clients.


When I began to add the coaching to my astrology readings I felt suddenly as if I had so much more to offer my clients. From the readings people could understand what was going on for them, but they had no idea how to work with their personal chart to make life changes. Even worse they would come to me after having a reading with someone who convinced them that they could only “suffer their fate.” My personal philosophy is that even if we encounter difficulties, life is a journey for us to learn and grow into a stronger connection with our Higher Self.


My certifications:

Level Two Certified Vedic Astrologer

(ACVA: American College of Vedic Astrology)

Certified Vedic Astrology Coach (VAC)

(ACVA: American College of Vedic Astrology)

Spiritual Coach Certificate

(The Life Purpose Institute)

Life Coach Certificate

(The Life Purpose Institute)

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