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Gem Therapy

Struggling with life changes?

Vedic astrology with life and spiritual coaching is a very powerful combination! 

Together they will help you navigate any life change and finally live your true life vision.

Guidance from above & within

Life & Spiritual Coaching

Vedic astrology gives clarity around timing in your life, and coaching helps you to implement it. As your coach I am merely a facilitator to help you find strength and answers within.

Suppose you want to make a change in any area of life. Vedic astrology can help you understand the timing. Once you have that understanding coaching is an invaluable tool to give you the inner strength and clarity of purpose to orchestrate the change. Your birth chart might also reveal areas you struggle with, but coaching can actually help you change your habitual thinking patterns. There are many tools that coaching uses to access your own higher guidance system to create life transformation!

Often people come to a coach when they are going through a life change, but they need help in working through all of the issues that change can bring. For instance if someone is trying to change their career, or find new partnership a lot of self doubt or old negative patterns of thinking can surface. At that time it is helpful to have a guide who can work through this and find new positive ways of thinking that will attract greater results.

Coaching uses many techniques to help move through life changes. Some of them include: addressing fears or limiting beliefs and assumptions, asking you powerful questions that help you think about yourself and what you want, helping you to be accountable for your own personal growth, and we can even do work together around strengthening your spiritual connection and soul.

It is recommended that you have at least four (4) coaching sessions to create change in your life. Research suggests that several months is better for lasting changes. That is why I give a discount if you purchase a bundle of coaching sessions at once. 


Readings are done over the phone and include a recording that is sent to you through Dropbox. Please review the Terms & Conditions for more information prior to making a purchase.

“During a very difficult and vulnerable time in my life I sought help from Kasandra with an astrological reading which then launched into astrology coaching.


The wisdom in her guidance helped me to breakthrough and have an organized  clear direction to pursue.


I immediately felt relief and was able to handle the situation with more grace, fluidity and calmness. It was invaluable!” 

Irene S.

North San Juan, CA

1 Coaching Session

+ Astrology Reading

This will give you an idea of what you can accomplish in 4 sessions. If you choose to add 3 more sessions after this initial session the cost will be reduced to $350 for the following 3 sessions.

1 Session | $150

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3 Sessions | $350

(booked only after 1st session)

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4 Coaching Sessions

+ Astrology Reading

A pack of four (4) coaching sessions with one Vedic Astrology reading on your first session.


Sessions are up to 1 hour.

4 Sessions | $500

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4 Coaching Sessions

A pack of four (4) coaching sessions. Astrology reading not included.


Sessions are up to 45 minutes.

4 Sessions | $375

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