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Location Astrology

When you were born the path that all of the planets were traveling at that moment fell into a pattern across the globe that can be traced on an astrocartography map.


Each line holds a different planetary energy that makes life easier, or more difficult in various ways. The key is to gain access to these maps and find a skilled astrologer to interpret them for you.


My Personal Story

I lived in the Nevada County area of Northern California for 29 years quite happily and successfully. My career was supported there, and I raised two children and lived in spiritual community. At the same time I also experienced some health challenges there as well. In 2005 my youngest child had entered college, so I began to feel as if I was ready for a big change in life. I had wanted to try living in Hawaii for many years, so I decided to move there.
At that time I actually knew enough about location astrology to know that Hawaii was not a great location for me. The problem was that I hadn’t learned to trust location astrology yet, and I really liked Hawaii! I thought the warm climate would be great for my health.
To make a long story short, I moved there in the spring of 2006. My career fell totally flat there, and my children were far away. I  spent all the extra money we made on travel expenses and felt isolated and alone. Then several months later my health symptoms worsened. It took me a year to figure out that I had a severe allergy to the mold because of the humidity. The last two months there I could hardly go outside and was on three different medications for asthma. The doctor said I needed a dry climate!
I had to act fast. I didn’t have time or money to drive around the U.S. looking for the optimal location for my health. So I simply studied my location maps very carefully. I found that the very city where my daughter was attending college in Tucson Arizona was one of the best location in the states for me. I decided to go there right away for a visit. Within the first day of being there I could breathe, and I got off all of my medications within the first month, so I decided to move. I can’t imagine trying to navigate that situation without the help of location astrology! A year later I decided to move to the San Francisco bay area because I saw that the location astrology chart was very good in all of northern California for me.

Location Astrology Reading

For this reading all I need is your birth date, time and place. Then I like you to pick three locations that you would like to live in for me to study. I can also pick the best location for you if you prefer. I always like to look at the location you are currently in just to get some perspective.


Readings are done over the phone and include a recording that is sent to you through Dropbox and I will email you the map. Please review the Terms & Conditions for more information prior to making a purchase.

60 mins | $195