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Location Astrology Using Both Western and Eastern Astrocartography

As a Vedic astrologer, one of my specialties includes location astrology. The reality is that at the time of your birth, each planet created a pattern across the globe that can be mapped out on an astrocartography map. Each mapped line on this astrocartography map holds specific planetary energy that has the ability to positively (or negatively) influence your life.

Astrocartography is an excellent tool for those looking for what location astrologers call the geographical sweet spot – an area that will likely have a positive influence on their life. Among those who benefit from this service -

  • Those interested in moving to locate for a job offer and want to know if the planets support the location of the move.

  • Those planning a vacation and wish to avoid those geographical locations are not supported by their astrological map.

Understanding these influences is what a skilled location astrologer can do for you as you seek to make better, educated life decisions.

Vedic astrology is quite complex – creating a system that relocates a birth chart across the twelve available rising signs at each location, plus a secondary system that integrates more than 100 areas within each chart. To properly create an astrological location chart, I need the following information from each client –

  • The Exact Time, Date, & Place of your Birth.

  • Three locations that are of interest that I can analyze, plus your current location.

The location astrological readings I offer are conducted over the telephone and include a recording (and the map) of the session sent through Dropbox. Please review our Terms & Conditions before your purchase. If you are currently struggling financially, please contact me to discuss alternative arrangements.

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