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Life Coaching

Combining Spiritual and Life Coaching to Help Navigate Life’s Changes & Challenges

Have you been struggling with life's challenges or finding it difficult to make crucial decisions, and could use some guidance from an experienced life coach?

Spiritual coaching, when combined with the ancient art of Vedic astrology, is a powerful resource for those individuals in the market for a life coach. Together, spiritual coaching and Vedic astrology offer guidance from above and from within. As your coach, I facilitate your growth through the clarity my intuition offers, as well as the placement of the planets.

Some of the issues life and spiritual coaching can help with include –

  • When you may face a life change, which triggers old scripts of negative self-talk and self-doubt, that ultimately infiltrates current decisions negatively.

  • The times in life when you want a career change but are held back by limiting beliefs that are erroneous and no longer serve you, among many others.

Vedic astrology and life coaching help you see your part in your personal growth, which then allows you to find the strength to ask (and be accountable for) those powerful questions that lead to spiritual growth and personal evolution.

From my decades of coaching experience and spiritual growth, I recommend that clients seeking spiritual or life coaching commit to a minimum of four coaching sessions if you are to realize the change in your life that you desire. This is the reason I offer a discount for purchased bundled coaching sessions.

My coaching sessions are offered as follows –

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