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Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching by an Experience & Skilled Relationship Astrologer

As a Vedic relationship astrologer and certified-life-coach, I offer relationship coaching that allows my clients to see their relationship's inner workings based on the dynamics and interplay of the planetary influences in each individual’s astrological chart.

As a relationship astrologer, it is my objective to help you determine – based on specific astrological charts – the relationship's strengths and challenging areas. It is important to note that a relationship coach can help you deal with any relationship in your life, including –

  • A mother and child.

  • Business colleagues or partners.

  • Siblings

  • Co-workers, or anyone else interested in delving deeper into the dynamics of a relationship that one deems significant.

Relationship coaching provides incredible insight into the many ways one can proactively overcome the inherent weaknesses a union may face from planetary conflict/influences. Many of my clients remain quite surprised at the detailed analysis I can discern from each Vedic birth chart.

As a relationship astrologer and coach, I offer, among others –

Vedic Astrology Readings Options –

  • A Birth Chart Reading – a great starting point to detail those times in your life that offer strength towards meeting life objectives. [$150 for 60 Minutes]

  • Your Current Astrology Reading – this reading explores the planetary periods and impending shifts to allow you to understand planetary influences better. [$150 for 60 Minutes]

  • A Relationship Compatibility Reading – this reading explores the challenges and strengths of any relationship – be it love, business, or friends. [$150 for 60 Minutes]

  • An Auspicious Date Reading - [$150 for 60 Minutes]

  • A Specific (Prashna) Question - a chart generated when your question is asked. [$76 for 30 Minutes}

Coaching sessions are offered in a variety of options. Would you like to get in touch with me about my coaching and astrology services, please reach out using my online contact form, or follow me on Facebook.

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