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Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology Readings Providing Life Guidance

If you have been searching for life or spiritual guidance to navigate life's inevitable winding journey, meet Kasandra Klassy, a life coach with intuitive and spiritual abilities enhanced through the use of Vedic astrology, that is, the placement/influence of the planets in one’s life.

Meet Kasandra.

For four+ decades, I have practiced and studied eastern spiritual teachings that ultimately satisfied my intense interest and led to these certifications –

Vedic Astrology readings are utilized to help you understand how planetary influences impact your life, and with that knowledge, how you can make the positive life changes you seek. My astrology readings are conducted over the telephone but include a complete recording of the astrological reading sent to you via Dropbox.

I offer, among others, these Vedic astrology readings options –

  • A Birth Chart Reading – a great starting point to detail those times in your life that offer strength towards meeting life objectives. [$150 for 60 Minutes]

  • Your Current Astrology Reading – this reading explores the planetary periods and impending shifts to allow you to understand planetary influences better. [$150 for 60 Minutes]

  • A Relationship Compatibility Reading – this reading explores the challenges and strengths of any relationship – be it love, business, or friends. [$150 for 60 Minutes]

As a Vedic astrologer, it is my objective to facilitate you on your path that fulfills your life's purpose with the peace and support offered by stars, my developed intuition, and the universe.

Would you like to get in touch with me about my coaching and astrology services, please reach out using my online contact form, or follow me on Facebook.

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