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A Moving Story

This is a story on how useful astrology can be in planning for the future and also a little update on all the recent changes in my life.

Over a year ago I started feeling some big changes that were taking place within, so of course I consulted my chart and my husband’s. I saw that it was quite possible we would move and that there was a big job change coming for him. This would all begin to take place in the spring of 2020. I also did a thorough search of the location astrology charts of both of us and found that the area of Grass Valley California, where I had previously lived was very positive for each of us.

So when this time period actually rolled around in real time we were baffled because Covid-19 had begun and the “shelter in place” orders were given. It seemed like a terrible time to do anything…..and yet our charts were saying these things, and we had that feeling of wanting to make a change. It was hard enough to navigate all of this even with the knowledge of astrology, so I can’t imagine trying to get through it without “jyotish” (Vedic astrology), or the wisdom that comes from the inner light.

Job fairs, meeting in person, and every other visible means of finding a job closed down, however my husband was able to get a job easily after several online interviews. After all our charts did say this was likely to happen, even though the outer circumstances seemed most unfavorable at the time. We packed up and left in mid May, and our house sold in the bay area a few weeks later! On one level it was very emotionally tumultuous to go through all of this during the Covid-19 pandemic, but we also had the assurance that we were on the right track through consulting the blueprints of our lives: our astrology charts.

Now we are living in Penn Valley, CA and looking for a house. That has definitely been a roller coaster ride but I know there is a window of time for about 6 weeks that this also could come to fruition. After you plant a fruit tree you have to patiently nurture the tree and wait….you just can’t eat it before it ripens!

A lot of the planets are currently retrograde, so things can actually feel as if they are moving backward rather than forward for a while. Also my own life is going through some big changes which will allow me to focus on my astrology and coaching work entirely. I am really looking forward to this as I love to help people navigate these same kind of life changes that I have been going through. Please bear with me if my blogs have been a little sporadic lately but I am building a strong platform from which I can share this science of inner light!


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