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The Perfect Time to Manifest Your Dreams is Now!

According to the Greeks Mercury had a winged hat and sandals so he could fly very fast. This indicates that Mercury is the fastest moving planet and normally does not bless one sign with his presence for more than 3, or maybe 4 weeks. However this year Mercury is soon heading to its sign of exaltation in Virgo on August 20th. It does this once a year in late summer or early fall, but we are in for a special treat now. Mercury is going to be in its sign of exaltation for over two months from August 20 until October 25th!

This is an especially good year to have this happen as the planet Jupiter is also strong and moving through Pisces, directly across from Mercury. From there it is sharing wisdom and inspiration. It is the perfect marriage between the right and left sides of the brain. This transit of Jupiter opposite exalted Mercury only happens once every 12 years! Jupiter in Pisces has great imagination, inspiration and knowledge. Nothing becomes impossible with Jupiter's positive focus on ideas and possibilities. Mercury in Virgo has the ability to understand intricate details and bring them into manifestation. These two planets will be having a great dialog within our conscious and subconscious minds during this time. So knowing this we can make the most of this time period.

Do you have an idea for something that you want to change in your life? Take some time to imagine what it could look like. Spend some time every day on this exercise. Try to see it perfectly, allow yourself to dream of all the possibilities. If you like you can also journal about your ideas. This is the really fun part of creating, so enjoy it and live in the feeling that you have what you are imagining.

Once you have done that it’s time to take concrete steps to make your dream a reality. With the help of Mercury you will think of some of the practical details that you need in order to begin the process. Begin taking these steps, perhaps writing these down as well. Don’t be surprised if things don’t come together right away. Mercury will be going retrograde part of this time period (September 9- October 2). That is why it is staying so long in Virgo. This retrograde time period is a time when the universe is prompting you to get your vision right and make some adjustments. It is working on an inner level at that point, and less about outer manifestation. Mercury wants to make sure you have all of your ducks properly in a row.

Also knowing a little bit about your chart and knowing what houses these planets are transiting through. Counting both from the rising sign or ascendant (AC) and moon will give you more understanding. I look forward to hearing how you were able to put your dreams into reality in the next few months.


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