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Big Life Changes Coming as Saturn enters Aquarius Today

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Today, January 17 2023, Saturn moved into Aquarius! Saturn is a very slow moving planet, so it makes very deep changes within us and on the planet we live on. It takes about 2 1/12 years for Saturn to slowly transit through one sign. Saturn may look small in the sky because it is so far away, but it is actually 700 times bigger than the earth. Saturn is now making its home in Aquarius until March 29th 2025, when he moves to Pisces.

There is a myth about Saturn that he does not have a home, so he comes to live with each one of his children for 2 1/2 years. The children are the signs that he visits, which have a huge impact on our lives and psyche. Saturn is said to be the elder brother to the god of death. He brings about awareness of death within us and how small we really are in the scheme of the life. He comes to liberate us from our karmic patterns, and in the end can leave us in a better place.

Saturn rules the sign of Aquarius, where he now resides, so he becomes very strong there, and much more auspicious than many other signs. I see this as a positive change for the planet in the end because Aquarius is a sign of innovation and greater good for the masses. I think we will see some big strides forward in the next few years around beginning to deal with climate change and issues of social justice.

Everyone wants to know how Saturn will affect them personally, and of course that is different for each persons chart. Saturn has its biggest influence on the sign is is transiting through, but it also aspects 3 additional signs that it has a more subtle influence on. Saturn throws a glance to the signs 3, 7, and 10 signs away from Aquarius, so it will also influence Aries, Leo and Scorpio now. Astrology can get pretty complicated so it takes a person who has really studied it deeply to look into understand all of the different influences that are going on at once.

I have had a very personal experience with Saturn lately. The last 2 1/2 years as it went through the sign of Capricorn it went over both my rising and natal moon signs. This is a time known as the “Sade Sati”, when Saturn goes over the natal moon in a persons chart. Vedic astrology is very dramatic in its myths and names of things (to get the point across), so the actual name of Sade Sati translates to the “7 year funeral pyre”. The two years in the middle when Saturn goes over the moon is the most intense time of the transit. I can greatly attest to this as I have really struggled with my health and emotions during this time. (This is why I have not been blogging as much.) The good news is these issues seem to be resolving very quickly now that Saturn is moving on. Sometimes there is no outward solution for a problem for years. Understanding astrology has been a HUGE boon for me in this time so that I could lay low and know that I was just caught in a gigantic karmic storm that would eventually pass.

Here is a snapshot of Saturn’s influence in your own chart. We look at these transits both from the rising sign and the moon sign, so there can be 2 different houses we are looking at. So if you know your rising or moon sign in Vedic astrology from a reading I have given you you can compare it to this chart.

Aries moon or rising: Aquarius is your 11th house. Saturn generally does very well here. In the next few years it can help you improve your finances and even work on your social connections and impact on the greater community.

Taurus moon or rising: Saturn will now transit your 10th house of career. Saturn may be a hard task master and point out flaws by having things go wrong in this area, but in the end he wants to make your career much better

Gemini moon or rising: Saturn is moving into your 9th house of learning and teaching. He wants you to develop faith that the universe is on your side but you could also struggle to improve relationships with your father or teachers.

Cancer moon or rising: Saturn is now moving through you 8th house. This can bring a LOT of changes to your life and re-structure your partners income as well. Saturn is working on you in a deeply transformative way.

Leo moon or rising: Saturn is now going through your 7th house of one to one relationships. He can bring a much stronger commitment there, but also will point out the hurdles you need to overcome and work on in your relationship. This can include business partnerships as well.

Virgo moon or rising: Saturn is going through your 6th house of health. This is actually a good position for Saturn and can greatly strengthen you on many levels if you take up the challenge of working on it.

Libra moon or rising: Saturn begins its work on your 5th house of children and creativity. This can initially bring some problems or awareness of a need to address this area, so you will need to patiently work on this.

Scorpio moon or rising: Saturn will now transit your 4th house. This is the house of home and property. You could feel a need to move or remodel where you live. This can also affect you on a deep emotional level as the 4th house is the most hidden area where the emotions reside.

Sagittarius moon and rising: Saturn begins its journey through your 3rd house of communication and interests. Again Saturn does quite well in the 3rd house but might ask you to improve your ability to communicate.

Capricorn moon or rising: Saturn goes through your 2nd house of finances, and aspects you 8th house of partners finances as well. A very good time to work on this area of your life. The 2nd house also represents family (and even dental problems as well) so there may possibly be a few issues to resolve.

Aquarius moon or rising: Saturn is moving through your 1st house. This can bring some health or personal issues up so that you work on them. It can also make you feel heavy or lethargic at times, so take care of yourself.

Pisces moon or rising: Saturn is moving through your 12th house. This can be a time where you feel change is on the horizon, or you want to retreat. If Saturn is transiting 12th from your moon sign this is the small beginnings of the "Sade Sati" period I mentioned and it is best to not make too many big changes at once.

Good luck everyone, and please share you experience with me.


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