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A Visit from the Enlightened One

About this time of year the “Buddha”, or “enlightened one” comes to visit us. How is that possible? The sanskrit name of the planet Mercury is “Buddha”. Mercury is the intellect. When Mercury goes into the sign of Virgo each year, it is empowered to shine more than any other sign that it visits. It can be a great opportunity for us when a planet moves into the sign of exaltation, as it brings forth the very best qualities that planet has to offer.

From September 2-22 Mercury will be in the sign of Virgo. This is great for communication, technology, high mental acuity and even spirituality. Often people who are intellectually gifted have Mercury in Virgo in their birth charts. The interesting thing is that each planet has one degree in the sign where in “deep exaltation” or the most inspired place. For Mercury that is 15 degrees of Virgo and we will all experience that one Sept. 11, 2020. Our awareness of it can bring about attract more grace from the planet at that time as we are tuning in.

So what area of life will get a big boost for you this month? If you know your rising sign, moon sign, or even sun sign you can count from there to discover where you will receive this grace.

Aries- Mercury in your 6th house is excellent for health and healing. You might feel inspired to research ways to improve your health and you will have the strength to put these ideas into practice as Virgo is a very practical sign. Many doctors and healers have this combination.

Taurus- Mercury in your 5th house can strengthen your relationship with children. It is also intensely creative and is a great aid in your spiritual practice.

Gemini- Mercury in your 4th house is generally very strengthening as you are a Mercury ruled ascendant. In particular though it will strengthen your house of home and real estate. It can bring a great sense of peace and help you to feel happiness deep within since the 4th house is the most personal house of the zodiac.

Cancer- Mercury in your 3rd house is excellent for communication and writing. It can also strengthen you personal initiative and even your relationship with siblings.

Leo- Mercury in your 2nd house is especially good for finances. This would be a great time to explore some of your ideas around your financial mindset and make positive changes.

Virgo- Mercury in your 1st house is to help you feel personally empowered. It can also help your career since Mercury rules your 1st and 10th house.

Libra- Mercury in your 12th is a deeply spiritual position. You might want to start writing down your dreams or use this as a time to develop your spiritual practice.

Scorpio- Mercury in your 11th house is awesome for your finances and your connection with groups of people. How can you make a difference and connect with a greater number of people at this time?

Sagittarius- Mercury in your 10th house is a huge boost to your career. It forms a “Mahapurusha” yoga, which means a combination that great people have that allows them to shine in their career and help others through their service.

Capricorn- Mercury in your 9th house brings a lot of good luck and ability to learn. Great teachers and teachings come into your life at this time and you can feel very inspired in spiritual matters.

Aquarius- Mercury in your 8th house helps you to make some very positive changes. It is also good for wealth that comes through partnerships. You might even find that your interest in studying occult science or anything that is hidden increases.

Pisces- Mercury in your 7th house will give a great boon to your relationships. You can really develop your communication in partnerships and attract very gifted people into your life.

These are just a very few limited examples of how Mercury can help you in the coming weeks. If you want to know a lot more about your own chart feel free to contact me for a reading. I am willing to give discounts during the time of the pandemic to those who are facing financial challenges. My prayer is that we can all benefit from this special time through our awareness that though we may have challenges, we also have great blessings to help us deal with them.


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