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Energy Meltdown: Tomorrow July 1st debilitated Mars opposes Saturn

Are you having a hard time feeling inspired about anything, or getting your energy moving? There is good reason for that as Mars has been debilitated in Cancer since June 1st, and will remain there until July 20. The planet Mars is known in Sanskrit as “the bright one” because he rules our third chakra energy center. He is also the warrior planet and is prominent in people’s charts who are athletes and other high energy endeavors. The sign of Cancer is the most difficult placement for Mars because Cancer is a watery intuitive sign that rules the emotions. If you imagine dousing fire with water you get the picture! Every 1 1/2 years Mars transits through Cancer for about 6 weeks.

Now, this time around for Mars in Cancer, is a further challenge: Saturn is opposite Mars in Capricorn. Saturn tends to slow things down. Mars is a planet of action who likes to move, Saturn wants to get things just right and tends to put the brakes on everything, or cause them to slow down. So energetically our fire is dampened by Cancer and slowed down by Saturn. This can really cause some frustration, especially tomorrow on July 1st because Saturn and Mars will stand in direct oppositions to each other by degree! Since Mars is weak in Cancer, and Saturn is strong in Capricorn, Saturn energy will dominate! This can also cause mechanical failures of all kinds and other problems depending on what houses these particular planets rule in your chart.

My advice is to take it easy and relax for a few days. As Mars begins to slowly move on past this energy block it will slowly pick up vitality again. Once it is in Leo on July 20 it will be very strong and dynamic. Also some basic knowledge of your chart can help you in understanding these things. Do you know what houses Mars rules in your chart so you know how this might affect you?

On July 6 Saturn will oppose Venus in a similar way. Venus is also moving through Cancer along with Mars. Let’s just say this is not a very dynamic time for relationships, especially on this particular day. However the good news is that on July 7 Mercury moves into Gemini for a few weeks, where it is very strong at communicating and intellectually stimulating. It creates all kinds of positive yogas in people’s charts when it resides in its own sign! The thing I love about astrology is that it always gives me a heads up so I know what to expect. If we know that we are expecting bad weather we can put our umbrellas up or not even go outside. We can lower our expectations in certain areas of life and know that this is part of the dance of being alive on this planet. Everything is cyclical and has a time to shine, and a time to rest and rejuvenate.

I am enjoying doing a lot of readings this summer, but have time for a few more. Feel free to connect with me if you are interested. Wishing you a wonderful summer!


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