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A Dramatic beginning to 2020!

This Friday January 10 there is a lunar eclipse in Gemini. The eclipse occurs in the morning hours (approximately 9am-12noon Pacific time) in the U.S. so it will not be visible from North America. Still it affects all of us whether we feel it or not. This eclipse is more intense because more planets are affected since they are opposite the Moon. Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, and of course the sun and moon are all involved.

It is good to keep that day as simple as possible, and especially not begin any new important projects. Surprisingly it is also a good time to do any kind of spiritual practice you enjoy as the effects are intensified during that time. It is very helpful to just be aware of the eclipse on that day because the mind can become somewhat de-stabilized by it. Our thinking can become more negative, or more excitable. If you know that you and others could possibly feel this way then you might avoid reacting to someone.

Also (if this was not enough!) on January 12 there is a Saturn, Mercury, Pluto conjunction. Saturn represents our sense of security, and hard work among many other things. Pluto wants to create really big changes and disrupt the status quo, so that can give a sense of insecurity. Mercury represents technology and communication and it will be “combust”, which means too close to the Sun. This is also helpful to know because you may struggle more in these areas on that day or a few days around that time. Try to be more clear than you think you need to be in what you say…..and backing up that computer or other technology is a good idea!

Then on January 13 we have a Saturn Sun conjunction. People who have their natal Moon or rising sign ruled by Saturn, Jupiter or Mercury can just fee general burn out. That’s actually about half the people on the planet! So give yourself and others a lot of extra space at the end of this week and next. Take a little time off and find ways to keep your mind calm and peaceful. The planet can use your prayers and peaceful vibrations!

The good news is that once this little mess clears up everything gets much more stabilized through 2020.

Coming next: Saturn finally gets stabilized when it moves into Capricorn on January 23!

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Thank you! I’ll take the advice and keep to spiritual practice!

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