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Find the "eye" in the hurricane of change

We have a very big change coming up on September 23! The axis where eclipses are caused, also known as “Rahu and Ketu” is about to change signs. This only happens every 18 months so it will not happen again until April 12, 2022. In the Vedas (ancient Indian scriptures) it is said that the demons walk backwards, and so Rahu and Ketu transit slowly backward through the zodiac.

The myth surrounding Rahu and Ketu is sounds quite fantastic, but it is really just an allegory of our inner experience as we struggle toward enlightenment in this material universe. A long time ago the Gods and demons wanted to attain immortality and sip a bit of the “amrita” or divine nectar. To do this they had to churn the ocean of milk. If you are interested you might want to google the story because it is much longer and more interesting than what I can write here. The basic idea is that they worked together to churn the ocean with a huge snake that was wrapped around a mountain and many poisonous and wonderful things came out of the ocean. This is similar to our experience when we do any kind of spiritual practice. They finally got the amrita to come out of the ocean and of course both Gods and demons wanted some. The Gods felt that giving this nectar to the demons was a bad plan because they would become immortal, so they had a big party but did not invite them. Rahu-Ketu was too savvy for this and disguised himself as a God. As soon as he got one sip of the nectar the Sun and Moon recognized him and told Vishnu. Immediately Vishnu threw his discus and cut him in two. The problem was that Rahu-Ketu was immortal, and so he continued to live in two pieces. He had to go somewhere so Vishnu sent him up into the zodiac with the other planets to slowly transit backward and create all kinds of disruption and eclipses to test and strengthen humans.

Rahu and Ketu constantly bring change and new things into our lives. Rahu tends to bring new experiences. He is seen as a grotesque head without a body that devours every experience life has to offer. Because he has no way of digesting the experience he is left unsatisfied and constantly wants more. Rahu is considered exalted in Taurus, which is exactly where it is going for the next 18 months. The reason he likes Taurus the best of all signs is that Taurus can be more materialistic and seeking comfort in the material universe.

Ketu is exactly the opposite and is seen as a body without a head. He tends to bring destruction and encourages us to let go, due to our dissatisfaction. Ketu will move into Scorpio at the same time since he is opposite and strengthens our interest in non-attachment and finding deeper truths in life. He loves mystery and things that are hidden. Without the head it is hard for us to remember our past experience, but we do remember on a deeper level and it constantly influences us.

It is helpful to know what houses Rahu and Ketu are moving into in your chart. Rahu especially is the force that keeps us always looking outside of ourselves for happiness. Rahu says “I want this, I want that. I can only be satisfied when I get these things. Wah” Then Ketu says “I don’t want this or that, it all looks disgusting to me!” If you spend a little time observing your mind you might notice thoughts like this running around like a hamster in a cage (LOL!)

So what is the answer?? The first aphorism of the yoga sutras of the Patanjali say that “Yoga is the neutralization of the waves of feeling.” All of the sutras that follow after that are just an expansion on that theme, and if you understand the first one deeply you will understand them all. Yoga is defined as “Union” with the divine energy, and is not just the Hatha yoga exercises. It doesn’t matter what religion or way you practice is, but if you can find that deep state of union within you, you will be immune to the push and pull of Rahu and Ketu that are so disruptive to peace.

So as we move into this next chapter of the endless “Rahu Ketu experience”, I encourage you to examine what houses in your chart, or areas of your life these inner and outer changes will occur so that you can be more aware. The remedy is in the inner peace that you can find, just like the calmness away from the storm that exists in the eye of the hurricane.


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