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It's all happening in Capricorn

Astrology is like a map. It helps you to find your way and know what’s coming up so you can plan ahead and make the most out of what is coming in the future.

There is a great gathering of energy in January that is slowly taking shape in Capricorn. In Vedic astrology when any 2 planets or more combine in a sign we call it a “yoga”. This doesn’t mean the do yogic exercises together (lol!), it means their energies combine in a “union”, and something more powerful is created out of this union. Currently there are two planets in Capricorn, Jupiter and Saturn. One at a time more planets will join in the party. The sum is greater than the individual planets, so something really powerful can happen in that area of your life!

On January 4th Mercury joins them. On January 13th the Moon joins them, and then on January 14th the Sun joins in solidarity! So at this point we have 5 planets in Capricorn. The moon only spends approximately two days in a sign, so it moves out quickly. On Jan. 27th Venus joins all of the planets. When the moon moves back in Capricorn a month later this brings the total to six planets there on February 9-11! Mars stands alone in Aries at that point, but all of the other six planets are converging.

In the natural zodiac with Aries as the first house, Capricorn is the 10th sign which emphasizes career. The Sanskrit name is “Karma bhava”. Bhava is the mood, and Karma is our service to humanity, which is a more all inclusive idea than career. In western astrology Capricornus is the mythical “Sea goat”. This goat has a head and torso like a goat, and a tail like a fish so it can swim. In Vedic astrology it is similar that Capricorn is “Makara” which is loosely defined as a crocodile, but the meaning is the sea monster. To me the meaning of this creature is that it is very adept at climbing on land like a goat, but can also swim in the seas of the more spiritual realms. Below is a painting of the goddess Ganga (from the purifying river Ganges), riding on her vehicle the Makara.

An example of how much energy this union can create taking the example of Aries as the first house. Saturn rules houses 10 and 11, is already combined with Jupiter who rules houses 9 and 12. This alone creates a Karma/Dharma yoga that gives one the ability to bring their 9th house of ideals together with the 10th house of service. Then Mercury, lord of 3 and 6 joins, the arts, healing and communication. Then moon, lord of 4th house of home, and sun, lord of 5th house of creativity. So by the time Venus (beauty and relationship) finally joins them in February we have the lords of houses 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12. 10 of the houses in the entire chart are mixing together in one house to create a great number of yogas.

One of the most important things to know is what house Capricorn is in your chart from both your rising sign and from your moon. Then you can plan on energizing that area of your life. Here is a hint of what to expect:

Aries rising or Moon- Capricorn is your 10th house of career so get ready to make the most of this combination.

Taurus- Capricorn is your 9th house of ideals, teaching, learning, and sprirituality.

Gemini- Capricorn is you 8th house of change and transformation. It’s not always easy but this could be a really big time for you!

Cancer- 7th house, or one to one relationships or partnerships, or even romantic relationships will be your focus.

Leo- 6th house or health and healing will be your direction.

Virgo- Capricorn is your 5th house of creativity, children and good karma from past lives.

Libra- 4th house. Everything will be focused on hour home and personal space.

Scorpio- 3rd house is the house of communication and your personal interests, or even siblings.

Sagittarius- It’s all about money and finances with Capricorn ruling your 2nd house.

Capricorn- The whole party has showed up in your 1st house of self, so be ready. A lot could happen!

Aquarius- When every planet shows up in your 12th house it’s kind of complicated because this is your house of seclusion, but you could do a lot spiritually.

Pisces- Your 11th house rules wealth and abundance, but also your network of social connections.

Because this is such a big time of growth for all of us I am going to offer another coaching special to help you to understand your what is going on in your life more, and give you a kickstart into 2021.

This month I’m offering a package of 4 coaching plus astrology sessions for $400 instead of the usual $500. I’m also offering to give you the first session and the regular price of $150, and then if you find it helpful you can add 3 more sessions for just $250. My clients have found that the combination of coaching plus astrology can be a very dynamic force for deep self evaluation, inner healing, and focus.

Have a blessed New Year!


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