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Jupiter and Saturn: A Light in the Darkness

With all of the difficulties currently going on I find people are struggling to maintain hope in a difficult time. One of the planets that is influencing this problem is Jupiter. In its current debilitated position in Capricorn, the outward expression of hope and joy is diminished. At the same time Saturn is very strong. Saturn rules over the root chakra, so it is more concerned with our security and safety. It is actually very good timing that Saturn is there when Jupiter is debilitated, because it creating all the restrictions that are keeping us safe at this time! So outwardly most of us are safe, but what effect is this Jupiter/Saturn combination having on our psyche? Jupiter also rules expansion and finances, so these things are also weakened on a global level at this time. Once every 12 years Jupiter is in Capricorn for a year and we have to struggle more to find those Jupiter qualities inside hidden inside ourselves. If Jupiter is the planet of hope, inspiration, and spiritual teachings and it is weak, how will we cope? The answer is that we need to work harder now to find these truths within the core of our being. Have you noticed how it is easy at this time to feel caught up in fear (Saturn) and lose hope (Jupiter)? Currently the “astral weather” as I call it is like swimming upstream. It’s not easy, but by doing so we gain a lot of strength. At least we will get a break when Jupiter heads back into Sagittarius June 29-November 20! But then after that Jupiter will be back in Capricorn until April 5, 2021! Both Jupiter and Saturn have longer cycles than the other planets so the lessons they impose are deeper. As a life coach here are some things that I would recommend to deal with the current planetary imbalance. Try to be more aware of your thinking process so that you notice when it is heading in a negative direction. This doesn’t serve you, or the planet as because we all broadcast our thoughts on a subtle level. When you notice your thoughts are getting dark, it is usually some kind of worst case scenario thinking. That is the time to STOP and decide instead what are the other possible outcomes that you can imagine? Use your creativity to come up with new and better ways of thinking through a situation. Visualize it until you can feel good feelings. Write it down if that helps you or do whatever to get into a positive flow. Also ask yourself what you need to break the cycle of negativity: Call a friend, get outside, or anything to change your direction like a parent would gently guide a child to a better activity. Also find ways to help others at this time. This is one of the best ways to help yourself. It’s easy to find joy when our financial lives are going well and we have lots of opportunity, but Saturn and Jupiter are asking; can you be strong enough to find light in the current darkness?


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