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Jupiter enters Capricorn: Knowledge meets Discipline

A very big change is upon us as we move into winter. This Friday, November 20, 2020- April 5 2021 Jupiter will quickly move through the sign of Capricorn. This is significant because Capricorn is the sign where Jupiter is considered to behave least like the normally expansive side of Jupiter. Jupiter did spend time in Capricorn in the spring for several months, then went back to Sagittarius for about 5 months…..but this is the final transit through Capricorn. At the same time Saturn is also there in Capricorn now, adding the the sense of stern discipline during these next few months. I think we will see a lot more restrictions that can help us get the pandemic and other world problems under control. This is going to be a very important phase for the planet, but perhaps not one that has that “feel good” energy to us. Capricorn is also known as the place where we pay off our karmic debt.

Another big important event is that Jupiter and Saturn will be in conjunction (meet on the same degree) on Dec. 21, 2020! This only happens every 20 years, so their last meeting was 2020. However this time they are meeting in a place where Saturn is very empowered and Jupiter is weakened. So what does this mean for us mortals on earth? Some astrologers have called it the “low point of dharma” in the modern age. I find it helpful to just think of these forces as raw energy. Jupiter is expansion, and Saturn is contraction. To me is seems that contraction is necessary to control a very difficult situation. We don’t like the feeling that this discipline and control give us, but we need it. It is like a gardener who comes to prune all the trees in the orchard so they can be strong and produce beautiful fruit.

On April 5, 2021 Jupiter moves into the sign of Aquarius. This has long been considered a sign of rejoicing in India when they celebrate the “Kumbha Mela.” Kumbha actually means the water pot from the sign of Aquarius. We will have much to rejoice about at that point as Jupiter in Aquarius brings in a new age that is more inclusive of all types of people and for looking at what is best for society as a whole. It is also the sign where the Guru, or teacher inside of us imparts wisdom.

Since I am both a Vedic astrologer and life and spiritual coach I would help map out a strategy with my client for the potentially difficult next months ahead. We would say something like, “so we have been in quarantine and totally changed our lives for the past 8 months. We feel like we should be done with this, but we still have several more months of a very critical time for the planet! Knowing this will be the situation how can we structure our lives, and most importantly our thoughts to deal with the coming months?” That is the question for each of us. How can we make the best possible use of this coming time that continues to turn us within to our personal selves? Will we be able to look back on this time after it has passed and see that we learned some things and created something of value in our lives? Did the expansive busyness of our lives come into balance when it was met with the contrasting force of Saturn? Are we able to see this as a positive phase knowing that things will inevitably change to a time where we can engage more with society?


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