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Jupiter gets liberated today!

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I have really exciting news for you. Today, April 5, 2021 Jupiter moves into Aquarius away from its’ debilitation in Capricorn, and away from Saturn. These planets not only reside in space, but also within us in our energetic system known as the chakras. So when they make a big move like this things can really shift for us. The past year has put us in a very contractive phase of Saturn influence that was necessary for survival. We have had to stay home and limit so many activities! But things are really going to begin changing now. Jupiter spends about a year in each sign. Jupiter represents many things like spiritual teacher, inspiration, hope, grace. Wherever Jupiter transits he tends to bring new opportunities. In India this move into Aquarius was understood by the Rishis and Seers. That is why the Kumbha Mela is celebrated every 12 years when Jupiter moves into Aquarius (which means “Kumbha”, or the sign of the water pot. The blessings are poured out of the water pot onto the earth.

There is also a big bonus to this story with Jupiter. It aspects other signs by casting a glance to them called a trine. This means that all signs 5 houses away also get blessed by the Jupiter energy. So all of the air signs, Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra will feel this energy. In addition the sign right across from Aquarius, which is Leo will also be influenced. So I’m wondering how many of you have had to put plans on hold that can move forward now? If you don’t know which houses are influenced by these signs, don’t stress, just consult your local astrologer!

Another thing that might be helpful to know is that these planets don’t always move in a straight line. Sometimes they move backwards, or retrograde. So we will have a little two month period where Jupiter moves back into Capricorn, where Saturn is currently residing. The dates for this are September 14- November 20, 2021. That period of time could feel more restrictive again, but the good news is that once Jupiter moves on November 20 it will be 12 years before it goes through such restricted time period again.

Personally I’m already feeling this energetic shift. Are you? Venus is also exalted in Pisces, and with the Sun and Mercury there now. Now that their ruling planet Jupiter is strong we can step out into the light of our inner being and make more expansive plans for the future. I’d love to hear from you about how you see this manifesting in your life.


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