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Making friends with Saturn

With so many planet transiting through Capricorn and with Saturn now, I thought it would be helpful to talk about how to make friends with Saturn, or “Shani” as he is called in Sanskrit. This weekend on Jan. 23 and 24 we have a Saturn/Sun conjunction with Jupiter and Mercury also in Capricorn. As mentioned in my last blog (It’s all happening in Capricorn) we have 6 planets in Capricorn with Saturn on February 9-11!

In Vedic mythology Saturn is actually the son of the great Sun. He was born due to an illicit affair that the Sun had with Chaya (meaning shadow.) There is a lot of great symbolism here, but the truth of it all is that Saturn’s role in our life is not just to suffer and feel restriction, but to find great strength within. If Saturn was not in our life we would never evolve and become greater, or try to find a way out of this illusory world. We would just be happy with our lives and go on endlessly repeating our same stage of evolution. Faced with this as an alternative makes us start to think, ok I’m willing to undergo the trials of Saturn so I can become a better and more highly evolved person.

Think of “Shani Dev”, as he is called the “Divine Saturn” as the most difficult teacher you have had in your life. Currently he is forcing most of us to stay home and away from others so that we rely less on the outward things that used to make us happy in life. Also Shani is helping us to burn more of our past karma at this time when so many planets are in his domain. Often difficult planets like Saturn are referred to as “malefics”. This term is misleading as Saturn has our highest good in mind. Shani Dev can make us feel very restricted so that we search within and find our own inner light in the darkness. This is the true reason we are here!

If we take a closer look at Vedic astrology we will see that there are actually 27 signs, not 12. These are called “Nakshatras”. So Saturn will actually spend a little over a year in each of these Nakshatras giving a us a focus on that area. Saturn is so slow it takes approximately 29 years to get through the whole zodiac! Today as I write this Saturn has just moved into Shravana Nakshatra for 13 months. The symbol for Shravana is the ear and listening, and also gaining spiritual knowledge. Since Shravana is ruled by the Moon, Saturn’s passage there can bring up fear. It is really important to find ways to stay calm during this time and spiritual knowledge and practice is one of the best ways to do this. I believe that the world will also really turn its thinking toward education during this transit as Shravana represents learning and the Corona virus has given such a challenge for schools and education!

The Vedas suggest a lot of remedies for Saturn like chanting mantras, wearing an iron ring, doing pujas and feeding crows. Many westerners have a little trouble getting their brain around this, but the general idea is to get on the same wave length with Saturn. Saturn wants us to think of others and not just ourselves so one of the best remedies is to think of how we can make others happy. We can donate a little money, call a friend who is suffering, plant a tree, or spend some time alone visualizing world peace and sending our prayers to everyone.

Do you know where Saturn is now transiting in your chart so you can make the most out of this time period? Taking up this challenge myself I am willing to give a discount on readings for those financially challenged at this time. In addition I will offer short free coaching sessions to those who just need a “listening” ear, or those who want to try out coaching for the first time.


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