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"Mangala" The bright Auspicious One

There is a really great shift in energy happening today. Did you feel it? I did!! Mars just went into Aries, where it is very bright and strong. Mars rules the 3rd chakra in our inner energy centers in the spine. When a planet goes into a new sign in the solar system, it’s not just happening out there far away. It’s also happening inside your energy centers. That is why astrology affects us so profoundly. Mars is very dynamic and high energy in Aries. It shines brightly there because it is in the sign it rules. People with Mars in Aries in their birth chart are often athletic, powerful and courageous. Personally I felt my energy switch on today. It is going to remain there until October 3rd, so we will benefit from its healing energy until then.

On September 9 it will begin moving retrograde. This can be a bit more challenging for Mars because the fire becomes more internalized. It is a great time for developing our strength, but there can also be that kind of simmering smoldering feeling inside. We have to be more cautious with our energy at that time and use this dynamic energy for inner change rather that trying to change others (!) The great news there is that Jupiter is helping us. Jupiter is now making a very beautiful trine to Mars from the fire sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter can bring us the wisdom to know how to act (Mars.)

In addition just today the Sun went into the sign of Leo! This will bring us confidence and a lot of magnetism. Leo is another fire sign. That’s a lot of fiery energy that just switched on inside you. The question is how to use it. Do you know what sign Aries and Leo are in your chart? You might now have an opportunity to really use this fire to move ahead in some big way in your life. For the last many weeks Mars has been in Pisces, a water sign, and also aspected by Saturn. That made most of us feel more wishy-washy and unfocused, or even blocked energetically. Now we can really turn that around.

You might really want to turn some aspect of your life around right now. It could be in your business, home, or even in your inner attitude and the way you approach life. I feel that this is such a good time to explore this with people that I am going to offer my 4 coaching and astrology sessions at a $100 discount if you sign up this month. That means that you can get 4 sessions with me of both astrology and coaching together at $400 instead of the usual $500. Please feel free to check it out on my website if you want to learn more. Often people who have experienced these sessions feel like they get a kickstart in a new direction and gain a lot of insight into how to work with themselves in new ways.


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