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Mars and Ketu: Struggle of the inner warrior ends in knowledge

On Monday February 24 we will experience a Mars conjunction with Ketu. Mars controls our 3rd chakra, or energy center. Ketu is the shadow planet where eclipses are caused. This could bring a lot of ups and downs in our energy over the next few days as the 2 planets are moving toward each other. In addition this meeting with an eclipse energy is taking place in the Nakshatra of “Mula.” A Nakshatra is one of the 27 signs in Vedic astrology. This particular area of the zodiac is fierce and ruled by “Nirriti” or the goddess of destruction (Kali). Also this day marks the beginning of a yoga that is created when all of the planets are on one side of the Zodiac between the eclipse points known as “Kalasarpa Yoga” until March 4. This yoga tends to bring events and changes that we don’t see coming that are of a karmic nature. Before you panic remember that destruction can also be a good thing right? Perhaps we can destroy something that is negative within us so that the positive can come forth?

In the previous blogs I mentioned that Venus is also at it’s height of exaltation during this time. Actually such a positive energy can help offset something that could be potentially negative. Also Mars and Ketu are traveling through the sign of Sagittarius, which brings knowledge. This means that whatever tribulations Mars goes through will ultimately end in more knowledge! This is especially true because after the Mars/Ketu conjunction, Mars is also headed toward a conjunction with Jupiter on March 20. Jupiter is the teacher and tends to bring expansion and new opportunity.

If you know what houses Mars rules in your chart, then you will have more of an exact idea of how these conjunctions might affect you. If your rising sign or Moon sign is in Aries or Scorpio, you might feel these transits more than other people would. I always find it extremely helpful to know when there is a time coming up when other people might be feeling more unexplained agitation than normal! Sagittarius is a fire sign, and both Mars and Ketu are hot planets! So that combination can bring a lot of heat, or frustration. Of course this is not a good time to make any major decisions or begin a new course of action. If you are aware of this you can offer the cooling energy of you spiritual practice and calming thoughts to a potentially intense situation.


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