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Shifting Tides at the end of March

The end of March will see some big changes on an astrological level. I will start with the good news since we all need a little hope right?

Venus will move into the sign of Taurus on March 28. Venus in its’ own sign strengthens relationships, diplomacy, enjoyment, the arts, and finances. What is unusual this year is that Venus normally spends about a month in each sign. However due to it’s retrograde motion this year it will be in Taurus for 4 months and will not move on until July 31! Also March 28-30 the moon will be in Taurus, exalted and with Venus. This combination can help balance everything else that is going on that is more troublesome right now. Focusing on the positive areas that are working in our lives right now is a great strategy to work within our own minds to deal with all of the other challenges. If you know what sign Taurus is in your birth chart you will have an idea of where this positive energy will play out in your life so you can focus your energy there.

Generally the eclipse point Rahu is responsible for mass pandemics like the one we are currently in. Rahu is in the Nakshatra of Ardra which is a very fierce and challenging area for it to be in. A Nakshatra is a little less than half of one sign, or 13 degrees 20 minutes. It is very slowly moving retrograde through that area and will be in the next Nakshatra on May 20. So mid May we should see a turning point in the difficulties our world is experiencing due to the virus. Until then Durga (pictured above) is the recommended deity to worship for problems associated with Rahu. She is one of the fierce goddesses who is responsible for killing demons (like Rahu)!

On March 29 Jupiter moves into the sign of Capricorn. It will be there for just 3 months and move retrograde back into Sagittarius on June 29. Capricorn is the debilitation sign for Jupiter and does not promote the optimistic and philosophical side of Jupiter. Personally I feel this is a good thing at this time. Capricorn is a very practical and serious sign that helps us to deal with our karma. Saturn is also in Capricorn at this time adding to this effect. I think this is a time when both governments and individuals around the world will really step up to deal with the Corona virus. As more planets move into the sign of Capricorn hopefully we can take serious action steps that are needed to deal with the pandemic.

To top it all off, Mars is also moved into Capricorn where it is exalted on March 22. Surprisingly Mars flourishes under the discipline of Capricorn where Saturn rules. This is like the army general taking command of his troops and acting very courageously. I think we will see health care workers stepping up in some very powerful ways during this time. On March 31 Mars and Saturn are in an exact conjunction! From March 30- April 2 both Mars and Saturn are so close to each other by degrees that they are in a planetary war. This is the time can really bring out the stress or conflict when Mars is in Capricorn. Most of us are sequestered in our homes, so we might feel this more within ourselves, or among family members. Now that you know the time period of this conjunction I would recommend that you write it in your calendars and use that time practice as much time alone and practicing compassion to the world and within your relationships.

I understand that these are challenging times right now. My prayers are with the world right now visualizing peace and happiness so that people can make the best use of their time “in seclusion” in their homes. In addition I would like to offer something practical. If anyone feels that they could really use a reading or coaching session right now to help them understand their lives better, I am going to offer them on a sliding scale to those in need. Please contact me for availability and to discuss what you can afford right now with all the financial upheaval. Feel free to pass this onto friends in need as well. May we all be blessed with the right understanding and attitude to help us weather this storm!


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