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The Greatness of Saturn: Coming to you this Week!

Saturn is changing signs and moving into Capricorn on. January 23 or 24, depending on your time zone. Saturn is often a much feared planet, but Saturn will move into it’s OWN sign in Capricorn! Wherever it is in your chart it becomes very empowered and strong! It’s also really great news because Saturn has been with the eclipse point Ketu with for the past 7 months. This has made many of us want to reject Saturn. Have you felt lethargic, unmotivated or wanted to escape? This is gradually going to change as Saturn moves into a very powerful place in your chart.

This is pretty BIG if you consider that Saturn spends approximately 2 1/12 years in each sign. Capricorn is the 10th sign from Aries in the natural zodiac. The 10th house is where we serve society, or the greater good. It is our duty to humanity, also known as our career. Imagine Saturn as one of the most challenging teachers you ever had. That teacher new that you had excellence within you if you were willing to work. Saturn is similar. He doesn’t give things for free, but if you are willing to work hard he will reward you!

What do you want to attract in your life that you are willing to work hard for??? Also what do you want to give to society? (Saturn rewards those who give and is the planet of democracy to so we can hope for some good movement in that direction.) 

Vedic astrology coaching is something that can really help you to define your life goals and achieve them.

Sometimes we need a guide to help us envision what is possible and work toward our new direction. We can achieve much more in this way. When a lot of doubts come up, or you can’t see the way ahead a coach is there to see your best side and empower you. Please let me know if I can help you to understand your chart more, or move powerfully into some new life directions.

 Here is a little snapshot of the area where Saturn will reward you if you work hard. You need to know your rising sign, or your Moon sign in the Vedic system. Then you will count how many houses away Capricorn is from that sign. For instance if you are Aries rising or Moon Saturn will move into your 10th house help you move forward in your career if you are willing to work for it.

Aries rising and Moon: 10th house is career Taurus: 9th house is dharma, wealth, values, religion, philosophy, education. It is also the house of shorter term journeys. Gemini: 8th house great change and transformation. It is things that are hidden unexpected , occult in nature, or partner’s income. Cancer: 7th house is the personal partner or even business partner. This can be a good time to work on your relationships, but also to build your career. Leo: 6th house of health and healing. A good time to get on a health routine and learn more about your health. Also to offer selfless service to others. Virgo: 5th house is children and creativity. Also education and past life good karma. Libra: 4th house is the home, property, mother, and emotional or personal life. Scorpio: 3rd house is communication, hobbies, interests, and your personal will to make things happen Sagittarius: 2nd house is income, finances, and even what you eat. Capricorn: 1st house is your self! It is a good time of accomplishment, especially if the last years of Saturn in your 12th house with Ketu has not felt like an empowered time in your life. Aquarius: 12th house is your spiritual life, moksha, and giving to others. Pisces: 11th house is wealth, social groups, friends, and focusing on your goals and ideals.


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