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The Serpent of Time

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

What does astrology have to say about all of the recent difficulties in the world? Corona virus? Stock market crash??

Interestingly the stock market started to go down the day of the Mars/Ketu conjunction that I wrote about in a previous blog. Right after the conjunction Mars moved past the eclipse point in degrees. At that point all of the planets in the zodiac were on one side of the chart, hemmed between Rahu and Ketu. This is known as “Kalasarpa Yoga”, or the “serpent of time.”

The eclipse points known as Rahu and Ketu are often the key factor during sudden difficult times like these. One thing Rahu represents is fear (and mass pandemics) and Ketu is aversion, isolation, and the results of our past actions. At these times it is said that we are more strongly gripped by events that are beyond our control and have less choice as to the outcome of things.

For several months, until May 25, we are going in and out of these Kalasarpa yoga patterns. Every 2 weeks the moon moves outside of group of planets between the nodes and breaks the Kalasarpa. This does help create some balance to the situation, but we are still caught in the embrace of the snake until then. Here are the coming dates of Kalasarpa influence:

February 24-March 4: Kalasarpa Yoga

March 4-17: Moon moves outside the pattern and breaks it

March 17-31: Kalasarpa Yoga

March 31-April 13: Moon moves outside and breaks the pattern

April 13-27: Kalasarpa Yoga

April 27-May 10: Moon breaks the pattern

May 10-25: Kalasarpa Yoga

When the Kalasarpa Yogas are happening it’s also helpful to note that they cause a great imbalance in energy on the planet and within us. This particular time these Yogas are happening all of the planets are lining up on the Western, or left side of the chart from Rahu and Ketu. This is the lunar, or feminine side, whereas the other side is the solar or male side. If you picture the Yin/Yang symbol with every planet on the side of the “Yin” you will get the picture. If we are not balanced and overly feminine we can be over emotional, fearful, feeling like victims, and feeling isolated. It is also interesting to me to note how people are needing to retreat to their homes to stay well!

The difficulty is when we feel that things are completely out of our control. It might be helpful to reflect that all the time things are out of our control, but we carry the illusion that things are within our control more in “normal times”. So what is in our control? There is only one thing in our control at all times….. that is how we are going to respond to the situation mentally. In the end this means everything to us.

Here are some of the things that you can do to work with your mind at this time to stay out of the voice of fear that can so easily run away with you.

*Limit your time on the news to get helpful information but not get overwhelmed

*See that your time isolated at home is a great advantage to catch up on things you never have time for.

*Practice gratitude for every small thing that you have in your life that is working.

*Stay connected and support others through the phone etc.

*Notice the your cup is always quite full of many positive things

*Do some kind of practice that helps to still your mind like yoga, meditation, mantra, time in nature, prayers or whatever helps you and the planet.


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