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The Trials of Jupiter and Finding Knowledge Within

The great planet Jupiter moved into the sign of Sagittarius on November 4, 2019, according to the Vedic astrology system. Sagittarius is Jupiter’s own sign where it is very powerful and seeks to share spiritual knowledge. This time around though, the eclipse point Ketu is in Sagittarius as well. Ketu is not an actual physical planet. It is a point in space where eclipses are caused. For this reason Ketu and Rahu have a much more psychological effect on our mind than the other planets do. Ketu has a tendency to reject and doubt everything. Ultimately it has no direction in the physical universe but to lead us within our own selves! For that reason it can be very powerful, or very frustrating.This is a powerful time to learn mystical spiritual techniques, or even astrology for that matter.

In Vedic mythology Ketu was a powerful demon who was decapitated by Vishnu for deceiving the Gods and drinking the immortal nectar. Since he is headless he does not think in logical ways. During this time we will understand things better through intuition, dreams, astrology or any process that triggers the subconscious and super conscious. There is also a certain level of non-attachment and surrender that we need to work on to during this time, as things do not come to us as easily as usual with Jupiter compromised. The outer Guru, or teacher may not be here, so we are lead within to our own inner teacher.

On March 29 Jupiter will leave Sagittarius for 3 months and move into Capricorn. This is very different energy. Capricorn is a very practical sign ruled by Saturn, and Jupiter is considered debilitated there. It loses some of its inspiration as it comes down to the mundane world, and lacks the optimism and vision. Then on June 29 Jupiter goes back to Sagittarius for almost 5 months until November 20, 2020, where is goes into Capricorn for the final time.

The most wonderful ending is that Ketu will leave Sagittarius on September 23 2020. Then for 2 months Jupiter will be powerful and its own sign, unhindered by Ketu. It is finally able to do the work that it came to do. At that point it will fully be able to give us the gifts it has to offer us. If you know what house Sagittarius is in your chart you will know the area will Jupiter will bring blessings to your life. In addition Jupiter casts a benefit aspect to all of the fire signs and Gemini as well, so there are 4 houses, or areas of life that Jupiter will bring positive energy and expansion to. What are these areas in your life? This is where, an astrology reading or "Jyotish" as it is called in sanskrit will help you see your life with "inner vision."


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