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Venus Exalted: Creativity Unleashed

This is part 2 of the story of Venus in Pisces, as I wrote about last week. Venus continues to make her journey through Pisces this month. The exciting news is that she is getting stronger every day in Pisces. In Vedic Astrology Venus is at her peak of exaltation at 27 degrees on February 25. On February 25 and 26 the Moon is also with Pisces with Venus

Some of you might be wondering what this has to do with you if you are not “artistic”? The truth is that creativity is at the core of everyone’s being. Creativity ultimately comes for the “creator” as the greater Self within is full of creative possibility. Our thoughts can become more creative if we work with them mindfully. Life and spiritual coaching can teach us to live from a more intentional place and make really positive changes in our lives. Do you have negative thoughts that spin around in your mind often like a hamster on a wheel? If so this is a good month to stop and think in a more constructive way. Here is an example:

Try to notice when you are getting into negative thought patterns. When you notice mentally say stop, “how can I view this in a more creative way?” Out of the many meanings I could make up about this circumstance what is the one that will help me the most? What are all the possibilities here? Spend some time each day during this month creatively visualizing positive outcomes, and states of consciousness. It’s not just about getting what you want but feeling that you are a deeply creative person who is in touch with the limitless flow of creativity under any circumstances. Use the imaginative power of Venus in Pisces this month to imagine new possibilities in your life.

The aspect of Saturn is on Venus helping you bring these thoughts into form and fruition if you are willing to work. The aspect of Mars is also on Venus right now. This can bring dynamic energy to Venus to make things happen in your life. The energy is very high if you accept the invitation to work with it. Ask yourself if you were a painter, painting your own life what would you bring to the canvas? What kind of creative thoughts would change your life at this time?


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